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Cherry Ridge Consulting is proud to announce Ally Bish as Project Scientist

Cherry Ridge Consulting is proud to announce Ally Bish as Project Scientist
Jillian Olsen, Founder and President of Cherry Ridge Consulting LLC, is happy to announce the addition of Ally Bish as the new Project Scientist.
Ally Bish, Project Scientist, is dedicated to wetland identification, delineation, and water resource development projects. Ally obtained her B.S. in Coastal Environmental Science from Flagler College. During her time at Flagler College, Ally had the unique opportunity to research shipwreck ecology off the coast of Bermuda. She also participated in water quality analysis and monitoring with the local wastewater treatment facility.
About Cherry Ridge Consulting
Cherry Ridge Consulting is an environmental consulting firm located in the Pocono Mountain region of Pennsylvania, providing services to private industry. We are committed to providing high-quality services to our clients in a cost-effective and efficient manner, while taking the time to understand your project objective and how our services can assist in ensuring successful project completion.
Our primary service areas include wetland identification, delineation, and permitting; water resource evaluation and development; and bottled and bulk water industry permitting and regulatory compliance. We also provide general environmental consulting services, including site assessments for real estate transactions and industrial permit maintenance.
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