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West End Wednesday

Pocono Chamber launches Social Media Campaign, “West End Wednesday!”

May 27th, 2020 | Monroe County, PA – The Pocono Chamber of Commerce is actively seeking to promote businesses within the ever growing and bustling West End of Monroe County, PA. The Chamber’s West End Committee comprised of business owners and business representatives operating within the region derived the campaign during a regularly schedule committee meeting. Traditionally, meetings were held within the Western Pocono Community Library but are now currently held via the Zoom Communications Platform. Chairman, Eric Snyder, Keystone Consulting Engineers says, “During this challenging time, our online presence has been stronger than ever with new and exciting initiatives and ideas to support the business community.”
The Chamber’s mission is to promote prosperity within the business community and be the vision in doing so. The West End Committee therefore made it their goal to grow the region’s online presence during a time where social media is surging in popularity.
The West End Wednesday Social Media Campaign showcases an image provided by the business of either their brick and mortar store front or showcasing a business owner and/or their friendly staff. The Chamber ensures to highlight all pertinent identifying information to make it easy for online viewers to find the businesses either online or in person!
Unique businesses exist within the West End and this campaign will be fun and fresh encouraging business owners to have creative freedom. This campaign will highlight services and products local businesses provide to the residents and guests of Monroe County in addition to sharing why they are proud to be operating within the West End!
If you’re interested in getting involved within this campaign or the West End Committee, email Michael Moreno at and take this opportunity to share what you are doing in your community!
When: Wednesday
Where: Facebook - @PoconoChamberMovingMountains | Instagram - @poconochamber
The Pocono Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to act as a unified voice of business dedicated to the prosperity of all commerce leading to the enhancement of the quality of life in our region and surrounding area. The PCC faces relevant business issues each day and supports sustainable economic growth consistent with the best interest of the community. The Pocono Chamber of Commerce welcomes both small and large businesses to join the Chamber make the Pocono region prosper.

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